Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Strikas No More. Let's take the reins!

Strikas Mobile doesn't seem interested in what we submitted, so let's re-brand this animated football game and turn it into our own project. Will you help us?

     As we said in our earlier posts, we started working on a football game for a Supa Strikas competition. It's been over three weeks since we submitted, and no word from them. It's safe to assume that our dope but very incomplete 3D game didn't impress them nearly as much as the basic, simple but complete 2D games others must have submitted.
    Well, we can't let the work we've done so far go to waste can we? If you guys want us to finish this project, then join us in creating this game. We'll have to decide on a name, we'll have to come up with our own teams and characters, our own stadiums and locations, and we'll have to come up with special moves/powers. The game is going to be very animated, and isn't meant to be realistic, so go crazy with your ideas.
    Send us drawings or ideas to our Facebook page, twitter or send an email to We'll let the community decide on the best ideas, and we'll put them into the game. We'll keep making blog posts and putting up videos so you can see what we've done and make your suggestions. We'll build this game together!

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